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How to earn your hat, and eat it too.

Here’s the dealio. You want hats.
Here’s what I have to say. You need to play the game(don’t you dare idle, Valve knows your IP adress and MAC adress, therefore knowing where you live). You can trash all your secondary and melee weapons you get, they are useless STILL. Cept the soldiers secondary, keep those to increase your odds of getting the boots. If you get three soldier secondaries (or three normal ones and a soldier class token?), then you have a 33% chance to craft them. Otherwise, trash everything except primaries. After you have ~89 primary weapons, craft metals with them.
You then have the odds to get a hat.
Ever since I WAS RIGHT, I haven’t played much TF2. I got two hats that first week of the I WAS RIGHT update, and had deleted countless dupes. This crafting update had pulled a complete turnaround, giving us a reason to keep our items. Kind of burns me out about the whole deal. Valve should have restored items or somethin like that, but who cares about what’s fair. I just am not enthused about these things anymore.
Considering my only hats are for Spy and Sniper, I don’t often see them. I haven’t played either class much other than for getting the achievements since the I WAS RIGHT update. The old spy was so fun, but the new sniper is much better (still don’t play it much). Another big downer is that I now have a habit of deleting all my stats for TF2. I had deleted them initially after logging at least 1000 hours (evenly distributed between all the classes, save the heavy and sniper, which I had only logged about 20 hours or less each) right before the I WAS RIGHT update. I now delete my stats before playing a game of tf2, so I can see an instanced version of my stats for the game I was playing.
I was super-enthused when Steam started tracking TOTAL playtime instead of PAST TWO WEEKS playtime, back in november (around the l4d2 release). I have logged a total of nearly 600 hours of tf2 since then, but I am sure it started counting before then.
I am glad for this new feature, but I still wish there was an instanced version of tf2 stats, that show you per-game instead of total, so I don’t always end up deleting my progress. This way, I can reflect on my skills and improve at a better pace.
1600+ hours of tf2, and only two hats [dropped not earned]. HAHA!


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  1. Oh wait, I had earned two other hats as well, but I deleted them.

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