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How to Become a Contributor for ThreeFourt

This is a quick and easy guide on how YOU can help the ThreeFourt team expand!

Step 1. Donate some money

Donating money is always a great way on helping anyone out, because money can buy and fix nearly anything and everything. Whether it be website maintenance, a new game to review (They are becoming more costly, and the worse the game, the more expensive!), or even just a slice of pizza so zzzdude can continue living his life in contemporary comfort, it always helps!

Step 2. Creating content for ThreeFourt

If you like doodling, modeling, mapping, or any other sort of hippy outlook considered to be art, you can easily dedicate a piece of fanart to ThreeFourt, and we will most definitely showcase it in such a way that shows your true skill. Don’t ever feel like you are not worthy to draw for us though, we accept anything and everything.

Step 3. Writing

Considered to be another form of medium to some people in college cities, writing is a surefire way to get featured in ThreeFourt’s endless spew of words. You can write fanfic, strategies, tactics, ideas, rants, you name it, you have a chance to be published under ThreeFourt’s copywright agreements, although we do have a higher standard than our other “mediums”, so expect to be reviewed by some of our writers, or not be reviewed at all if it is super unoriginal and completely bad. You gatta know what you are talkin’ about, and you gatta know when to use proper grammer, when not to use proper spelling and when to use the proper conjugation of verbs.

Step 4. Publicising

Anything to help spread the wonderful word of ThreeFourt is more than acceptable, and can earn you a place in my book. The more traffic this site gets, the better for our website administrator!

Step 5. Tell Us!

Everyone at threefourt would want to know what you did to help out! See our contact page to find everyone’s email, and see some more specific detail on contributing. Thank you!


2 Responses

  1. Everything on ThreeFourt is copywright by the CC by SA copywright agreement.

  2. lets have sex

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