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Gamer Guyz? More like LAMER Guyz.

I think I have developed a specific style of humour over the past few years, and I think that many people find it fascinating, entertaining, or downright lame. A lot of people decided to take this comedic style of mine and duplicate it for their own self profit. Now, I’m not pointing any fingers at anyone, but Shmorky is definitely someone who took this from me.

A while back I had written a rather controversial article which had gained quite the publicity due to the many disagreements most readers had with my thoughts. I had stated a rather educated opinion on why Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the worst game next to Halo. I highly suggest reading the ThreeFourt reviews on the two games.

As a way to demote CoD:MW2 and show how truly pathetic the game really is, I decided to add an appropriate title, “CoD:MW2? More like Call of DOODY”. Not too long after that post I had made, I stumbled across something that appeared as if it was quoting directly from my review! I of course wrote an email to the creator of this Flash Animation, describing my concerns with the possibility of theft.

from: zzzdude
to: shmorky
date: Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 9:36 AM
subject: I thought you were original.

Someone had linked me to “Gamer’s Guy’s”, a Christmas themed review on various products. While I found most of it entertaining, as soon as one of the two character’s had said “Modern Warfare 2”, my ears peaked. I had written a review on the game, insulting the pathetic attempt at a halo remake since halo itself. I had used the title of the article to be something so derogatory that maybe from the title alone, the developers would realize that their game is utterly awful. I had spent nearly an hour debating on which of a wide arrange of original ideas I had for a title of my article. I had finally chosen “Call of Duty:MW2? More like Call of DOODY”. In your little flash video, which I had though was filled with entertaining, jolly goodness, you had used the same joke. Now, I don’t think this was a coincidence. The character in your script had said my article nearly WORD FOR WORD. How am I sure the rest of your video clip wasn’t filled with other unoriginal content? I would like to know the truth about this. I will not take offense, because I believe in true freedom of speech, which plagiarism should not constrict, but a simple reference is always nice.
Thank you for your time,
Stephen G. Mangum, A.K.A. threefourt A.K.A. zzzdude

The Theif of My Jokes

The Culprit

Now, I’ve had many ideas stolen in the past, even from my favourite game developer, but I take pride in the fact. To quote Robin Walker, “It’s probably just a coincidence, after all, great minds think alike!”. That is a compliment. Robin Walker called me smart. Do you have any idea what that means? It means a fucking lot. But this guy, Shmorky, appears to be finding the whole fiasco rather funny. He had taken my email, threw it up on some forum, and discussed it amongst his peers. Although that is not a problem, and does not offend me in anyway, the following Gamer Guyz did.

Gamer Guyz 8 had featured the regular stars, Gamer Paulo and Gamer Andy, both of who have a unique sense of humour. In the previous Gamer Guyz (Seven, I believe?), Gamer Paulo had either taken my work, or it was just a big coincidence. In this new Gamer Guyz however, Gamer Paulo had seemed to parody me. As I watched the episode, my ears perked once Paulo had said “M.A.G.? More like…”, and I thought he was going to recreate my infamous style of comedy (which always follows the format of “X? More Like Y!” where Y is a pun on X). This was obviously following my formula for my jokes. The following words however, were not puns on M.A.G.. I had thought at first this was just another coincidence, until they made a similiar joke, drawing closer to the obvious pun that should be in play. Eventually they pulled themselves off-topic, but never once duplicated my style of joke completely. It was an obvious PARODY.

That’s right, shmorky is making light of me now. I am going to write him another email, and I expect a reply along the lines of “Oh but I didn’t do that! Obviously my joke doesn’t follow your expert humour formula!”. I guess we will see what happens.


10 Responses

  1. Man you must feel so empty, what with Robin Walker stealing more than one idea of yours, and Shmorky stealing more than one idea of yours. You are just getting picked on by the big guys!

  2. just thought i’d mentiob you were literally the first person on the internet to make the joke “more like call of doody” and here’s proof: http://tinyurl.com/yka8xbn

  3. Wow you’re the first guy to make the worst joke, get over it

    Man even when MW1 came out I was calling it Cock of Doody to wind people up, I don’t see how you can think that’s an original joke

    $10 says you won’t even publish this comment

  4. ben you shoud write for threefourt you sounds like a really funny guy

    • thx man i prolly will im writing a piece about how the unlock system should be more like the one one in modern warfare 2 zzzdude probably wouldn’t want it though LOL (he doesn’t like fine games)

  5. Haha. You really think you invented the “Word? More like absurd!” rhyming joke style? I think you really should chiggity-check yourself (into a clinic) before you wriggity-wreck yourself (with your overinflated ego bursting).

    zzzdude? more like jokesmakemezzzdude. The big controversy around your blog that was voted on 6 times must have really attracted Shmorky’s attention.

  6. […] for their great sense of humour), or more specifically, their well-known flash animator, Shmorky. He had taken one of my jokes and made it popular. I appreciate him talking about me on the forums and giving us a little bit more traffic. Thanks […]

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