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New Portal Achievement F.A.Q.

There is a new achievement in Portal, and apparently noone has figured it quite out yet. Well I have some good news, everyone! I have already solved the puzzle, despite only hearing about this new update three minutes ago, whilst on my laptop, with Portal uninstalled on my gaming machine.
Radio Frequencies? Broadcasting? Green lights? This is all I know of this new achievement, and this is all I know about the new update.

The answer?!

“Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations”
Now, the broadcast frequency prior to the update was illegal. It was broadcasting on an even number last digit. The federal and state spectrum, however, states that it needs to be broadcasted on every other frequency, which means they should all be an ODD number. I am glad to hear that Valve has changed this, it was always a small irritant to me when playing the original game.
I predict that the achievement will be an easy one to unlock. We all know Jeep Barnett and the Narbacular Drop crew loved Crate runs, and we saw it implemented into HL2:EP2 with bringing the gnome into outer space. I was heavily disappointing when I found out that it was not going to be carried over into ND’s spiritual successor.
Now, with this new update, we have news! They have finally decided to pull off a Blizzard and make an update which translates the current game into the next expansion, a small update which reintroduces lore and how it will play out in the next game-to-buy.
Have you figured it out by now? Yes, that is right. We have to bring the radio from chamber 4 all the way to chamber 18, past that. Out into the great beyond.
You need to reverse engineer the radio and recreate it into a transmitter. After the epic battle between Chell and GLADoS, you lay on the ground, writhing in pain, with nothing but a small tune playing. That tune is your salvation. If you did everything right prior to the event, you have succeeded! You know have a way to contact the outside world with your newfound transmitter. Help is on the way.
However, what year is it? What is the political state of the world? Who is going to hear your cry for help?
That my friend, is for Portal: Prequel.

Or should I say


5 Responses

  1. Hot diggity dafodill, Looks fun Us at facepunch has been trying to crack the puzzle for a while.

  2. Yep. Just tried it “achievement unlocked” thanks zzzdude

  3. Dude, the radios disintegrates when going thorugh the emancipation field. Bringing the radio through several chambers is impossible

  4. I just tried your method using quantum physics to bypass the forcefields destroying the radio. I succeded, but needless to say I was suprised of the outcome. GLaDOS asked me about the radio I was carrying and I said it wasn’t anything important. Then something fell out of the glad operation system. She made me upset by telling me to marry it, so I incinerated it. And then she attempted the murder me with deadly gas. I used her rockets against her and killed her. But when she died earths gravity core got unstable and I started to fly. Then the teleportation core exploded and I was taken outside to the aperture science enrichment center. I was left outside laying on the ground, writhing in pain as I started to lose blood pressure. The tune of salvation played, I could not believe what I saw. Was it an angel? I could not see it properly, the light was blinding. I wished goodbye to this cruel world as it all faded away.

  5. ^ that guy..

    wow that took a long time to write up and wasn’t even funny, good job you fucking failure

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