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Changes to Threefourt

As most of you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t played Team Fortress 2 in quite a while. Nor have I talked about Portal 2 (Oh, I’ll get to that miraculous conversation I once had with Jeep Barnett back in ’07) and how I have influenced the game, or how they stole more Digipen students. I haven’t discussed the community update to TF2 recently, and how it is completely awful. I haven’t finished the podcast (technical difficulties and general procrastination).
Well, here’s the spill.
I have been away from the First Person Shooter Genre (FPSG) for quite a while, since Christmas. After so many years of countless hours of playing a mindless repetitive system involving pointing at the enemy and pushing the SHOOT button, I have gotten bored. Burnt out. Takin’ a break. I have evolved into a much greater genre and scene, ROLEPLAYING GAMES. More specifically, MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER ONLINE ROLEPLAYING GAMES. Before you shout out about how I am a hypocrite, let me remind you of an email from none other than Gabe Newell; “I have been bitten by the WoW bug lately”. That’s right. GabeN played World of Warcraft.

I have involved myself into this setting, and as such I haven’t had the time to review the new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game or explain how Shmorky is still stealing my ideas and jokes.
This blog, is going to die. All because of my change in interests, which was bound to happen.
HOWEVER, I would like to continue writing, just rather that I write about my own interests. I will start to be blogging about social games in an rpg layout. Not any social games, but World of Warcraft.

The name “Threefourt” was originally coined as a spinoff, a joke perhaps. The idea was to be a pun on both general number sequences and something related to TF2 (The map ctf_2fort to be exact). Onefort? No, that didn’t work. TwoFort? That’s the name of the map, too unoriginal. THREEfort? Now, that’s catchy! Why, though? The second part of the word fits with the first. So, why don’t we change the letters around, make it more sequential?
And that is how ThreeFourt (34T) was born.

No, there will not be a new name, for more than nostalgic reasons. You see, in World of Warcraft, I play a druid. A druid has three talent trees which are vastly different. I can shoot things, scare things, or heal things. But, there is actually four! (Now you are getting the name!). The fourth is scare things but with more shooting things.
Also, the healing part is a anthropomorphic tree and treeforts come to mind, and that is what google always corrects me when I Search my blog.
T(I like this letter)

Expect to see evaluations regarding World of Warcraft, soon. I have many ideas I would like to discuss to the community.

-Stephen “zzzdude” Mangum

*H stands for Heroic

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  1. Whatever direction you want to take this blog, just know that we, your readers, support you and will continue to read whatever you write.

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