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R.I.P. The Pyro

The Pyro is dead, long live the Pyro! Valve has made some drastic changes to the Team Fortress 2 flamethrower class. What does it all mean?

I have just been informed by PC GAMER (They personally email me in regards to Team Fortress 2 news, Thanks PC GAMER!) that Valve has removed the Pyro from TF2. This is a pretty big change. Now, I don’t have TF2 installed anymore, and haven’t played it in months, but I can make valid assumptions based on this new news.

What we know, for certain:

What we can assume, for certain:

  • 12 year old babies can no longer hold W+M1 when playing their favourite class, ’cause it was removed from the game.
  • 13 year old children can no longer hold +Forward and +Attack when playing their favourite class, because it was removed from Team Fortress 2.
  • Team Fortress 2 will never be the same, even if it is for the better. The game has changed.
  • New tactics are sure to arise. Without having to worry about those pestering Flamers.


Ever since the decline of Team Fortress 2, and the rise to fame I had received because of it, the game has gone through dramatic changes. Most people spend their time waiting, doing nothing, idling. Sure they fixed it, but it still there. The impatience and exclusivity which comes with unique gear based on a time variable. I have been meaning to write a discussion regarding the terms of “Exclusive”, so be on the lookout for the new post, but that’s for a later time. Right now, TF2 is a new game.

There are no pyros (according to PC GAMER), so players are forced to play a class that requires skill. This means a lot of useless members on your team who don’t know how to play their class. This is good! They become cannon fodder for those who are truly skilled masters of the game. Those who are at the top are now going to have a much easier time. Scouts will no longer fear melee range for any class. Soldiers will no longer fear their own rockets. Demomen will no longer fear being outran by a flaming leviation. HWM will no longer fear being outran by a flaming leviathon. The engineer will no longer fear strafing runs and devastating burns. Medics will no longer fear damage over time. Snipers will no longer fear people clouding their view when they are trying to shoot. Spys will no longer fear being undisguised.

HOWEVER. Those like me who have lost interest in the game, are not going to want back in. We were at the top, all the time. The game is now easier, so what’s the point?

Also new hats, need to check those out.

*I have just been informed that this may be a misinterpretation. However, I would much rather trust PC GAMER over a random anonymous member of the internet.

One Response

  1. So basically you don’t know how to play tf2 so you try (keyword here) to troll people with a post I assume you thought was somehow humorous. You did an awful job.

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