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TF2 and it’s Effect on Public Society.

When I was a boy, I was learning to become a man. That is what childhood is about. Maturing and educating to help better your own future. Video games helped a lot with this. My father started me off on the NES with a game I liked to call Mario. It was a fun, childish game, but a game nonetheless. It had taught a valuable lesson, about how development can take a simple, twisted idea, and turn it into a masterpiece, such as Super Mario Brothers. I learned that as a child, any small idea can amount to anything.

The same can be said for Team Fortress 2. Remember TFC? That’s Team Fortress Classic, for you young babies. It was a simple idea, a simple mod, that had eventually grown into a full game! And after that? IT HAD A GODDAMN SEQUAL.

Now you may be wondering where I’m going with this. Can you relate reality to Super Mario? I recently did a fact search: 12% of all Americans own at least ONE T-Shirt which references the iconic plumber. That’s pretty fucking big. Team Fortress has had a similiar effect. Back in 2009, we had a SNIPER UPDATE (was actually a spy), which had released hats. What are hats? Hats are these wonderful thing that increase both your Ego and your Height, merely by placing one atop your own head.

This has grown into the real world. Since early January of this year, there has been a steady incline in baseball caps and other various headgear (small, but still imminent)


Caps are a type of hats, for those who don't know.

Even I have been affected. Since Mid-February, I have collected approx. 17 pieces of head adornments, all of them unique. On one hand, I am proud to represent one of my favoured video games, but on the other, I really wish we could show off a better aspect of the complex system which is Team Fortress 2, and not the simplistic, elitist, controversial subject which is, in a word, hats.


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