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Writing Isn’t Dead

I’ve been hearing a lot of hype recently, in regards to the style of writing that is now currently mainstream on the internet. There are two notions in regards to the current web-based media, and how it represents a pile of shit.

The first idea is that since we have a billion web users, who all have access to broadcast their open opinion, that we have a crapload of worthless garbage floating out there in the vastness of the series of intertwined fiber optic tubes. Sure, one in a million of those indie-rock blogs actually portray a meaningful, deep opinion worth reading, but the other 99,999 blogs are uneducated college dropouts voicing their thoughts on how the social standard is failing, filled half-written, half-assed, run-on paraphrases of another man’s beautiful work and labor (Note: Topics tend to vary).

The second idea is in regards to those mainstream websites that the average consumer uses to receive their news, and the reviews thereof. For most news feeds, it isn’t about writing and covering news, but rather delivering the news before anyone else. The reader is still getting what they need to know, but there is no critically acclaimed writer attached to the piece of work. The post which covers Mt. St. Helen blowing merely states that, unlike a good distribution of media, which would tell you how Mt. St. Helen affected the every day lives of innocent people, and perhaps impose a beautiful metaphor relating to the Holocaust.

I consider writing as an art form. There are hundreds (possibly more) words in the English language, and other languages, too! Who’s not to say that restricted poetry isn’t still alive? Haiku’s exist, which are to convey meaning in a series of wonderful phrases, but there are rules applied. Journalism merely means that your restrictions are to release news and opinions to the public in an easy to read, and easy to comprehend manner.

So those writers who are truly poetic, are rare, and extremely hard to come by. But does this mean that writing is dead? Not yet. There are still skilled and talented writers who do their best to present their small group of followers with valuable information and creativity. Look at me for instance, I’m not dead.

Also, check out goodpoem.wordpress.com, my old blog relating to poetry (which is dead).


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  1. great post, Many blogger writing to there blog to be unique That’s the proof that Writing Isn’t Dead.. Writing is the soul of many blogger… Thanks for the share..

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