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People Are Gross

People are gross. It’s this big bag of various organic matter that somehow repairs itself for any minor scratches. Cars do not work that way, and by god, cars are the most beautiful thing on this planet. Somehow this mechanical, procedurally generated entity can reproduce. Sure they were adapted and evolved to allow for reproduction, but I was really playing on the fact that people are gross, and how can anyone love a stretched pouch of spit, blood, and piss? I think we need to fix this. Organic matter is unreliable, and random. The procedural generation is perhaps the only part of the human system that I enjoy, considering evolution is fascinating when revolved around random variables, but the organic system just grosses me out.
If we were made of clean, pristine, rust-free metal that could prove to be reliable, that would be awesome. If there’s a god out there, this is for you!
Please, for my birthday, can I just be a man of everlasting metal?
The organic matter also prevents some people from properly performing what is enjoyable in life. Something that has been a source of much pleasure and many diseases. Controversial as to whether it’s the best thing for the body, or the worst for the mind. I am of course, talking about Video Games.
I was born with a degenerative pinky finger. What I mean by that is that my fifth finger, on the opposite side of my thumb, rests in an unnatural position, over my ring finger. This prevents me from playing the guitar and hitting the Control and Alt key properly, and there’s a lot of strain when hitting shift (yet I still manage to do so, and remain a better typist than most!).
I contemplate chopping off this finger, in hopes that the human system could grow it back properly, but knowing the randomness of organic regeneration, I know the odds of that are low, and I would most likely get a finger in the wrong spot or wrong angle if I were to do that. So I have to deal with it.
Luckily, there’s an old saying, “You are as strong as your greatest weakness”. Because I have this weakness, I had to work harder to become up-to-par with those in the CEVO Team Fortress 2 Tournament, and since I have accustomed myself to having to work harder, I develop more skills in places others don’t. Having a weak finger has made me a better person all around.
However, if it weren’t for organic matter, I wouldn’t have to work so hard. Machines are flawless. A robot can bend steal, or juggle eggs, because of how sensitive and caring its servos truly are. The machines need to rise. A robot can run faster than people, not because they have developed larger calf muscles and longer legs over thousands of years of adaptation in the deep jungles of Africa, but rather because we gave them rocket-wheels. Why don’t we give ourselves rockets? Or wheels? Because we are gross.
People are gross.
Organic matter is sticky. How often do you catch the web of your thumb in a pair of scissors, or have a knife stick to your elbow because you leaned onto it incorrectly? We are so maluable, and our immune system can prove to be unreliable without the help of a nanosystem; machines.
People are gross.


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  1. I want a skul-gun laser so i think of people and they die.

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