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What have I been hiding from you Mr. Threefourt?


Well readers, I haven’t been completely honest with you. My domain does not expire on August 30th. That was a lie. I just needed some money fast, so I did the wrong thing and tried to exploit my Blog for profit. I am sorry team, you’ve always been faithful to me, and I just wiped the floor with your hair, the entire time whispering in your ear, “Give it up, I need that nickle. You don’t need your soda. Come on, your children can learn to forgive you, but I can’t”. And for that, I am sorry. I did not have the right to treat you that way, and I ask for your forgiveness. I hope we can learn to come together again, even after those mean means of meaning to make a pretty penny.

Now, there has been something else you missed. I made another 3D model a while back. You would not have caught it unless you follow me on Facepunch Studios, reading each and every one of my posts. This is another hat, for the pyro.

Maybe some day we’ll see it in Team Fortress 2.


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