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Jesus Christ

I am announcing a change in faith. I am dropping my Baptist beliefs and adapting Christianity. Jesus is a wonderful being.
We celebrate his birthday every year on a day called Christmas to commemorate his wonderful miracles that he has performed, so you probably have heard of him. Back in the first Christmas though, he was just a baby, not even a year old! So often people associate him to sheep and children to show innocence, but Jesus is not innocent. He died this one time (twice actually) so that way he could save everyone. You see, Christianity believes in this place called Heaven and Hell, and when you die, Jesus makes you go to heaven. People used to go to either place, but Jesus got punished for all the sins in the world that everyone committed and will commit, so you don’t have to burn for all of eternity in the pits of flames known as Hell. Since Jesus died this really long time ago, there must be a lot of people in heaven.

Some Christians believe that sometimes in heaven people will decide to go back to earth as people’s pets like a dog or a cat so they can watch over their loved ones [Family]. After hearing about this religion I decided to change mine and I hope each and every one of my readers falls in love with him like I did. That is why I am mentioning on my Blog about Team Fortress 2 about Jesus. Jesus Christ will save you and only after you accept him will you be redeemed.

Please don’t play TF2 if you aren’t following this belief, I don’t want your kind taking up player slots.

Have a great day!

In Jesus’ name only though.


One Response

  1. Is this a joke? Your theology is seriously flawed and the last comment is extremely against what Jesus taught. I really don’t know which is worse, making fun of Christianity (or more specifically Christians) or just being flat out wrong. Either way I hope you get it sorted out

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