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My message to my friends

Why hello. Long time no see.

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy with my real life and I feel that I have moved away from my online persona.

I was known as fps_3com111 for a good few years, and during that time I felt that I acquired some really good friends in that group. Noobkiller, Pwner, Andy, and Zzz to name a few. Might be a bit daft, but you guys were a pretty big part of my life during those years. I remember vividly being at school stuck in another boring class that I would have to make up again in college anyway, just counting the minutes till I could walk home and talk to my friends online again.

It was only really the past year that I really moved away from you guys, my friends. I just never really have the time to be on the computer anymore. I have a job at an awesome ice rink that keeps me away from you  guys. And I miss all of you.

But yeah, enough of me being a baby.


I’ll try to visit more often.


xoxo – 3com111


ps. my car is doing fine.


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