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As Third “Computer” Onehundredpluseleven had pointed out earlier this weekend, there hasn’t been much activity. Now, I’m not pointing any fingers, but our readers really need to be a bit more active in the E-Mail department. What I’m ultimately saying is, we only really write up quality content if it’s requested by at least 200 people. We have barely been getting 150 users begging us to post more content each day, and it just doesn’t live up to the good old days of having nearly 1,000 on a Monday. I’m no Garfield, but I think he had a point.

However, I do feel guilty about this lack of content. I had promised to provide the utmost quality since day one, and I do plan on continuing to keep it that way. So sure, we don’t have much anymore, but remember, “Quality is greater than Quantity”. Albert Einstein said that back in the 70’s, back when we first started getting flooded with shear resources instead of intrinsic writing.

Forgive my ramblings, there is a lot I could say that in’t worth saying for the general viewer of Threefourt, and I am sorry for that. My point is, expect to see an update at least once a month from hereon. I just got a new tattoo saying “Update Threefourt 8/7/2011”, so I doubt I’ll forget.

I love you all,

-zzzzzzzzdude (who isn’t sleeping, just working)


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