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My message to my friends

Why hello. Long time no see.

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy with my real life and I feel that I have moved away from my online persona.

I was known as fps_3com111 for a good few years, and during that time I felt that I acquired some really good friends in that group. Noobkiller, Pwner, Andy, and Zzz to name a few. Might be a bit daft, but you guys were a pretty big part of my life during those years. I remember vividly being at school stuck in another boring class that I would have to make up again in college anyway, just counting the minutes till I could walk home and talk to my friends online again.

It was only really the past year that I really moved away from you guys, my friends. I just never really have the time to be on the computer anymore. I have a job at an awesome ice rink that keeps me away from you  guys. And I miss all of you.

But yeah, enough of me being a baby.


I’ll try to visit more often.


xoxo – 3com111


ps. my car is doing fine.


I bought a new car

Very recently I lost something that was really close to me. Her name was The Beast. She was 14 years old and was with me since I moved to America. She’s been with me through girlfriends, job interviews, car parking lot raves, and learning how to drive. Every memory I have of her is amazing. But sadly her engine finally gave out and she drove her last few feet with me behind the wheel.

After a few days of mourning I finally started looking for a new Vehicle so I can get to places I needed to be like my friends house so I could look at his cocks. They’re 2 fully grown chickens. He says that they’re really dumb and the only reason he keeps them is so he can eat their babies for breakfast.


But enough about cocks. My girlfiends uncle is a mexican. He knows a lot about cars and alot about getting things for cheap. Which was perfect for me, cause I’m like a British mexican, I love free things. I asked him about hooking me up with a car or something and he said he’ll go to an auction and see what he can do. Turns out that there was a really decent Honda Civic 2 door 1994 for 1000 dollars. When he told me I was like. “Ohhhh snaaaap!” and I told him to buy it for me. Turns out it has 240,000 miles on it but it ran really well.

So far all I’ve had to do is get a new water pump cause it totally blew up and poured water all over the place. It was funny actually. It has a spoiler though which I hate because it does nothing due to the fact THAT IT’S A FRONT WHEEL DRIVE CAR! It’s dumb. But yes. That is my story about my new car. I haven’t named her or put coloured duct tape all over her yet so she isn’t so attached to my heart yet.


In case you wanted to mourn my baby I created a memorial video for her.



Happy New Year!

YAY 2010!


What is a harmonica? I’m glad you asked that question because I know exactly what a harmonica is and what it looks like because I own a harmonica. I got her 2 years ago from a friend, who got it for free; I never thought about it much until late last year when I thought it would be funny to learn a few songs on it. I instantly fell in love with the sound and the simplicity of this wonderful instrument.

Alt text for the image, e.g. “The Mona Lisa”

And just recently for the pagan Holiday Christmas I have recieved one of the most amazing Harmonicas I’ve ever owned. He is a HONER Big River Harp tuned to the key of C. Cause everyone knows C is the best key in the musical world.

5:57 PM – fps_3com111: Isn’t the Key of C the best Key in the musical world?
5:57 PM – fps_andy: yes
See, even Andy thinks it is the best key ever. And Andy is a musical genius.
Now with this new harmonica, I can blow many different kinds of songs from this awesome Harmonica. If I felt like playing the Blues I could because I would have the will power to learn blues songs. But because I don’t have the previously stated willpower I just stick to songs I actually know and like.
Ex. Katy Perry’s I kissed a girl.
Ex 2. The Office Theme song.
Ex 3. The U.S.S.R. National Anthem.
Those are just 3 examples of the songs I can play on Harmonica.
I hope you feel Enlightened and have learnt something from this post. So please go out and buy a Harmonica and feel as cool as I do.

Katamari 3. Same idea, new console.

Look at me mum! I'm touching balls in the desert!

Katamari Forever is the third game in this strange series. It involves rolling a sticky ball around really dirty houses and cities to get the ball big enough to make your giant father happy enough to throw it in the air and make it a star. Which makes this game and all previous games very very amazing and enjoyable. As I was rolling around this filthy house all the toy knifes and the 1 yen coins all over the floor reminded me of my house and how I really lack the motor skills and mental capacity to pick things up from the floor.
In the first 2 games your giant overly flamboyant father was actually some sort of biological creature, but in this game for some reason he is a robot with a very robotic personality. I really doubt you will be getting attached to this robot anytime soon. I also do not like all the weird graphical styles. Everything looks like it has been drawn with a crayon or all black and whited out. Sure it might have been cool on paper but all the great colours that made the older games much more fun and enjoyable are only in a few levels.
But if you really like the concept of Katamari you will be glad to know that it’s basically the same. But in some levels you might have to carry water to un-dry the desert. Which is pretty interesting once you start seeing animals return.
All in all. The game is basically just the same as the other ones. Just in nice 1080p resolution.