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Glitch Fortress.

Oh hi!
It’s time for my weekly installment of  a giant wall of text you don’t want to read, but you’re bored as hell and have nothing better to do.

Now that valve has released a update/2nd update 3rd update, things have calmed down a little bit. Many of the server/client  crashing  bugs have been fixed from the WAR update, it seems like the one’s that were still a problem before the update, such as Pyros being able to flame through gates, have not been fixed.( Thanks Valve! :D )

With only the Engineer update left, what will valve do next?(Besides count their money) We still have 2 more “Meet the” clips, with rumors of the voice actor who did the medic not being able to make it due to being in Zimbabwe another country. Also, their is some small rumors that their well be a “Meet the Team” movies, consisting of meeting the Red and BLu teams. Will TF2 go the way of CS:S? The most recent update for CS:S consisted of a few minor bug fixes, with the update before that was January 29th of this year(2009, for those who do know). Hopefully, Valve will continue to fix bugs and release class specific updates, as their playerbase is almost as big as the fanbase. Personally, I think valve should release “OFFICIAL” Valve made push maps(such as cp_well), and stop bringing up new play styles. As for now, we have our trading system to look forward to next year(AKA when HL2:EP 3 comes out, in 3 years).

On a separate note, did you know it takes about 118 items to craft a class specific hat? Yeah, think about it for a second. Let that sink in. Now think about it this way. If you’re going for that nice Demo Top Hat(which I have been looking forward to, but never have gotten), That takes 3 refined metals and a Demo Class token. each refined metal is 3 reclaimed metals, and each reclaimed metal is 3 scrap metals. WOW. Seriously? And thats if you’re lucky enough to craft a token for the class you want. Then, you still have a chance to NOT get the hat you want. Why? Because their are 2 Demo hats, thus giving you a 50/50 chance. Now, i’m no mathematician, but you’re SCREWED.



WAR Updates, Meet the Pyro conspiracy theory and MORE

People going crazy on the forums, chaos in the servers and engineers crying in a corner….smells like the WAR update is in full swing!

Hi! I’m SpaZ, one of the newest bloggers here. I like short walks near the beach and dinner lit candles.

It seems that this update has got everyone’s underwear in a twist, and appears to be the most popular one to date. So far, we have the demo still SLIGHTLY behind the Soldier, the 1st set of weapons announced for the Demo, and rumors of the Meet the Pyro video(Post seen here ) about to go live tonight.

But do you know who I really feel sorry for? People with low level systems, and the Engineers.

With the Engineer, not only does he have to watch out for the spy, but now he’s been bombarded with explosions that take down his carefully built equipment, sometimes within moments. And most people are too concerned with killing a soldier, or not healing a demoman, to notice the helpless cry of the engineer.

And for you TF2 players with a low budget, you’re almost screwed harder than an Engi defending a dispenser on the 1st point of cp_dustbowl. With solly and demo duking it out, this has caused a drastic increase of particles, sprites and explosions that cause low FPS issues on screen and fill their little gamer hearts with rage.

As for myself, I’ve joined the demo’s cause, gleaming with joy with every “DING!” of the kill counter.

-SpaZ(R.I.P. Engineer, 12/15/09)

Credit to i^rabbit for the image. His steam page=