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durp a hurp a drup

Hey guise, peabs posted this:

He doesn’t care about threefourt anymore.

Let me introduce myself. I am zzzdude, a new writer for this blog. I come from a small wordpress blog, which was a pathetic subdomain with very little views.

Maybe I will take over this now…


For you guys’s information, I have only posted there once or twice so far, and I just haven’t got the time to do anything on either blogs. No need to get offended or anything, just college has a lot of dedication involved.


Halo 4

God, Bungie. Please don’t go microsoft on us ='(

Team Killing

Today, while cleaning my room, I was thinking about Team Killing.

I mean, what’s the point anyway? Think about it. Everybody hates Team Killers, right? There is nothing more annoying than some asshat who thinks it’s funny to annoy the other players on his own team. So I was thinking about it, right; Why do developers add this kind of feature into their games? Is it because they are the kinds of people that enjoy TKing themselves?

Think about it, “team killing”; the definition of which is the ability to be able to damage and eventually kill a player on your own team. Now try and think of one other thing besides frustration that comes from this act. Do developers put this feature in their game with the intention of annoying their players? Why would anybody want this feature?

Sure, there is always the argument for realism, but look at how many successful games (and I shall not make reference to the obvious example this very blog is based on!) do not have the ability to team kill in them. I hate to reference halo, but it’s a good example. This feature can be enabled/disabled in the menus. When it is disabled, you don’t see it wrecking the game, do you? What you do see for sure is that there is no frustration with regards to this matter at all.

Think about it people! Why do games contain Team Killing? It serves no purpose other than to annoy! I personally believe that all games should at a minimum have the option to turn it off.

The New Guy

Hello! I am Peabnuts123, and I am now the second author on this blog!


Yea. So that’s very interesting, isn’t it.