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A Talk with New writer, 3com111

It's 3com!

Today we have a interview with my friend 3com111 (picture above is him)

He is 18 years old and lives on the west coast.  His real name is Dryden.

He enjoys long walks at the beach and hates white chocolate.
fps_3com111: Cluckmoo is pretty cool and Andy says some funny things.
fps_3com111: I’m a pretty cool guy. I like to think I have no life but I kind of do. I don’t game very often anymore. but when I do I play for a long time.

Moo: What made you decide to become a writer for Zzzdudes blog Threefourt.

fps_3com111: I’ve always wanted to be a cool writer on a famous blog. So when ZZZ showed me his I really wanted to get on that action. So I did.

Moo: how long have you been playing the teamfortress game(s)

fps_3com111: I never played the original game. But I got into TF2 as soon as I beat Episode 2.

Moo: Where do you think this blog will be in the future

fps_3com111: This blog will be the #1 place to get tf2 news in the future. As soon as ZZZ gets some more writers and more publicity we’ll be rollin in the page views.
Moo: quick fire round
Moo: bra or pantis
fps_3com111: Like are you asking me what I’d wear?
Moo: coke or mt dew
fps_3com111: COke
Moo: Taco or buritto
fps_3com111: Both
Moo: Mexican or black
fps_3com111: Mexican

Moo: Here’s the part where I test your morals and everyone judges you.
Moo: Rossie O’Donnell
Courtney Love
Ozzy Osbourne
Moo: Have to rub one off

Go out to Dinner with one

And have kids with the other.

fps_3com111: I’d go out to dinner with Rossie, Rub Courtney off, and have kids with Ozzy(Lots of child support).
o god its courtny love KILL IT WITH FIRE

  • <– stolen image get fucked krea if you find this
  • Moo: Well i know how you are now.

    Here are some things people have to say about 3com111!
    Zebon: no opinion at the moment

    Cluckmoo: i knew him back in like early 2008 but now i dont kno him  at all anymore

    dustyjo: he cool

    fps_MERRY FARTPOINT: hes got good handjob hands
    rifles: bye
    rifles: deal /w it
    fps_THEPWNER: hes pretty cool
    fps_andy: hi

    I’m sure 3com is going to be a great addition to Threefourt and I welcome him to the family with open arms.!


    Borderlands, fun game? Or just game.

    In Borderlands you take the roll as 1 of 4 classes you have


    Each one holding unique skills and looks.

    I my self chose the Hunter cause of a wicked cool SNIPER RIFLE

    zzzdude chose the Berserker and makes people blow up with his FISTS of pure destruction

    Now this game is good for atleast 100 hours of gameplay or so they say. You can beat the game and then replay though with all the weapons and health you got from the last game. and the enamys are harder and have different NAMES.

    Now when I play with zzzdude I have fun playing cause we do all the quests but when you play with people like fps_andybear he does dumb stuff like DIE and not the side quests haha.

    Overall I rate this game 8/10 only because it gets redundant after awhile  going around just to find the next powerful gun will keep you entertained for hours.  I recommend  picking up this game from your local steam store or retail outlet

    Hi I am writer

    Hi Andy, I am a write for zzzdudes blog I hope u read ok