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Let’s talk a bit about what that word means, shall we? Exclusive is what a story is when news is distributed to only that provider. Exclusive is that shiny Soldier Medal I received for being one of the first to visit the Soldier Medal Giveaway Page. Exclusive is that Red Proto-Drake you obtained through several weeks of laborious achievement grinding.

EXCLUSIVE means it is special, to you. Exclusive represents a greater goal, achievement, accomplishment, that you had finished, because YOU EARNED IT.

Exclusive is not something everyone else has. Exclusive is not a Halo. Exclusive is not a Pony made out of star stuff (even though we all are). Exclusive is not a class that you unlock merely by playing the game Correctly.

Team Fortress 2 and World of Warcraft share some similar ideas. TF2 had originally produced THE MEDIC UPDATE. We had to get all the achievements and we would wield a wonderful weapon to wound weaklings wherever we want, whenever we want, while waiting for the next patch to show us another weapon or three. Then, the achievement servers came out. A ubersaw is no longer exclusive to those who earned it. World of Warcraft had originally released DEATH KNIGHTS. You had to make it all the way to level 60 to play one of these overpowered heroic classes! Well, fuck exclusivity, considering most of the players had already meet the requirements to play the popular class, and as such there were thousands storming to go kill the Lich King. Every 12 yr. old kid had wanted to play it, because it would show that they had real skill. Too bad everyone has one. They aren’t cool anymore.

Celestial Steeds are these hideous horses, which one must pay $25 USD to obtain. How much money is that? Nearly 2 month of game-time, to ride a pony, made out of gas. The idea is that since it costs so much, not many people would have them, and they would therefore be exclusive, right? WRONG. Exclusive means everyone wants one, even if they have to waste an entire three hour’s of pay to get it. Well now, you all have the pretty pony, congratulations. There are now parades of people proving to waste their petty penny all to show that they have a better job and source of income than everyone else, or actually believing what they have is unique.

Those poor saps.

Bills Hat is yet another TF2 item, and like the pony, you had to pay for it. Except, you didn’t pay for it, instead you received it when you purchased Valve’s Latest and Greatest(not really) Game: L4D2. Many people don’t have this, since Left 4 Dead 2 is such an awful game and people realize that wasting 50 bucks on a hat would be an awful thing to do.

What differs the community? The style of the game. On one hand, we have the casual, laid-back, TF2 player. On the other hand, we have the hardcore, uptight, WoW NERD. Sound familiar? Yeah, mainstream, two-party politics. TF2 players are almost always democrat, and as such they know that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and do not try and prove themselves to be greater than the next fellow man, while World of Warcraft players are always in a battle to prove they have the higher gear-score, the more vanity pets, the pretty mounts, and the more Player Kills. Typical Republican.

I don’t care if you think that the obvious of the two, in terms of exclusivity alone, is one or the other, I just want you to know that Democrats always win. TF2 will remain the leader when it comes to knowing how to give players something unique, WoW just wants your money (like republicans).


2 Responses

  1. Democrats always win? I too prefer TF2 over WoW but I’m more republican than democrat. What say you now?

    I agree that none of that stuff is really exclusive though. But there are exclusive item’s in both TF2 and WoW. A long time ago there was a sword item you could get in WoW if you were one of the first people to kill a guy. It was pretty underpowered and really hard to get so I don’t think anyone uses it any more but there were a limited amount. And TF2, in the Halloween update last year, had an exclusive hat you could only get on that day, and after that it would never be had again.

    So these game do have exclusives just not everything is exclusive.

    Sorry this reply is so long btw

  2. I quite agree with your submission, however, lam having problem subscribing to your rss

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