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My message to my friends

Why hello. Long time no see.

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy with my real life and I feel that I have moved away from my online persona.

I was known as fps_3com111 for a good few years, and during that time I felt that I acquired some really good friends in that group. Noobkiller, Pwner, Andy, and Zzz to name a few. Might be a bit daft, but you guys were a pretty big part of my life during those years. I remember vividly being at school stuck in another boring class that I would have to make up again in college anyway, just counting the minutes till I could walk home and talk to my friends online again.

It was only really the past year that I really moved away from you guys, my friends. I just never really have the time to be on the computer anymore. I have a job at an awesome ice rink that keeps me away from you  guys. And I miss all of you.

But yeah, enough of me being a baby.


I’ll try to visit more often.


xoxo – 3com111


ps. my car is doing fine.


Microtransaction Charities

Someone recently asked me what I thought about microtransactions in World of Warcraft. Another asked me about the ones in TF2. Someone else wondered if all of this floating, cosmetic-inducing money should be given to charities. Yet one other person debated with himself about which charity is the best. All this got me thinking of a serious rant that I felt could not be merely expressed in a simple conversation, and would be too volatile in self-thought. This is something I needed to personally write down on a paper, or better yet, in a blog post.

Oh well, I seem to have forgotten what I was going to say, considering this draft was created many months ago. I was basically going to say that Make-a-Wish Foundation was a horrible charity, and you should all feel bad.

Best of ‘010

This year has been a great year for the Three-Fourte’s. Many things have happened to the writers, the readers, and the contributors who make this website possible. We appreciate every single one of you who have mentioned the word “Threefourt”. Suffice it to say, we love you all, and I hope you do the same.

Today I’m going to sit down with you, and describe the best things that have happened in the past year. Some of the events are not so great, we have received a lot of hate mail, but it just goes to show the amount of popularity that has come in the times past.

Best Blog Post of ‘010

Here on threefourt, we have made over 500 blog posts. Some of them have been lost in translation, server issues, and memory. Of all the new posts made this year, I would have to choose this one

Valveland – Part 1

Stratofarius, one of the new writers in 2010, wrote this amazing post showing off a few key ideas if Valve products became a theme for a park. I felt that this post was the greatest of the year, since it has both innovation, content, new writers, and good reception. Thank you Stratofarius, for this wonderous contribution!

Best Content Stolen by Valve in ‘010

There was a lot of sweet ideas, models, and jokes that were stolen this year. The best one, however, would have to be the model concept I had started working on after submitting my Flower hat to their web servers. “What,” might you ask, “is that?” The T-Bone Steak that I had proposed for the soldier. Not only does the model match my sticky-note drawings of the steak, it also has a similar concept to the mechanics I had guessed the soldier should use. The only difference between my steak and Valve’s would have to be the fact that the heavy is munching instead of the soldier, and its a little bit darker of a tint.

Best Content Stolen by Something Awful in ‘010

One of the highlights of the Threefourt Career was when we gained notoriety on the Something Awful forums (an infamous blog known for their great sense of humour), or more specifically, their well-known flash animator, Shmorky. He had taken one of my jokes and made it popular. I appreciate him talking about me on the forums and giving us a little bit more traffic. Thanks Shmorky, for stealing my jokes!

Most Viewed Blog Post of ‘010

The most viewed page on all of Threefourt this year was our homepage, which netted 10% of the total views to the site. This blog post attracted a lot of views, and received hundreds of comments. Thank you contributors of Threefourt, for making this possible!

Highest Contributing Author of ‘010

Well, I was going to just see who posted the most content on the blog, but wordpress is being dumb and won’t show me anymore (they changed how some things look). So instead, I’m going to give this one to 3com111. He saved the day back in October, when I had asked him to write a new blog post about his recent tragedy, to spark up the blog while I was busy and occupied with other things. Had he not been there to help Threefout, we would be in ruins. The viewcount dropped dramatically just before that post, but thank god for 3com111, who had brought the average count back up to par.

Best Video Game of ‘o11

Sorry, I mean’t ‘010. I would have to say that all the games released this year were crap (hence the lack of posts), so I’m going to have to give it to last year’s winner -oh wait, no good games in 2009 either. Oh well.

Best Blog That Had Content Posted in ‘010

Threefourt, duh.

Best Valve Content Release This Year

Well I was waiting for them to include my custom hat in their microtransactions, but you know how Valve time works. We’ll save that hat for next year’s awards. This year, the best thing Valve has done would have to be Alien Swarm (Possible Future Review?).

Best Referral Advertising Threefourt (in ‘010)

I would have to give props to Facepunch Studios for this, since they’ve helped out the blog immensely by being the most common viewer of the blog. Although most members periodically hate the content published, deep down, I’m sure they appreciate that someone has the balls to state the truths that I present. Thanks Facepunch, and thank you Garry Newman.

Best “Best of ‘010” Blog Post Since ‘008

In the past two years, there haven’t been many reviews of the year 2010, and I think that our review wins, as it covers all the events pretty well, and anything we have missed can be found in our podcast. If you want to check it out, go click the “previous entry” link at the bottom of this post, or keep reading this blog post.

Worst Blog Post of ‘010

There are some issues that even Threefourt encounters. We aren’t the greatest group when it comes to technical difficulties, and this blog post would have to be considered the worst.

Happy Holidays From Threefourt! 2010 Edition

This post never was written. We put time and effort into a desktop image, and delicately wrote a small editorial regarding the photo. We nominated this as the worst post, because we were unable to bring the content to you due to technical difficulties with WordPress. Maybe someday we can get a better blogging client.

Best Podcast of Twenty-Oh-Ten

If you haven’t figured out that we’re giving ourselves all the awards yet, I would like to let you know that we’re giving ourselves all the rewards. We are an outstanding company, and have been for many years, we’ve painstakingly written over 180 blog posts for your heart’s desire, we traveled across the United States each morning to go to our office to review the fan mail we get, we have personally replied to every hate-mail we’ve received, and declined many applications to our writing staff, we’ve had half of the country of Greenland visit our website and be very cold at the same time, we’ve told Valve to fuck off (and that’s a pretty big Company) and they replied apologetically, and we’ve satisfied our customers; You. We’ve done the impossible, and we’re prepared to do it again.

The question is,
Are you ready for the next year?

Oh, and the best podcast of ‘010 is ours, since I haven’t told you yet. check out the link!

Threefourt Podcast: Episode 1: The First Part: New

After over a year of effort, time, and dedication, we have finally released the first episode of the Threefourt Podcast, and we hope to bring you more.
Just head on over to either the Official Threefourt Official Podcast Blog to subscribe for the latest Podcast news, or go to our Podcast webpage hosted on Threefourt!
But, for those who don’t want to do any more link-hopping than what you have to, just download the first episode now!

What’s in this episode?

  • Discussing the new podcast
  • A Musical Intro written by 1/4 Life, famous Mod Developer of City 17: Episode 1.
  • Discussing our president, Barack Obama
  • Pokemon
  • What are Black People? An analysis.
  • Valve Surprises announced!? Threefourt Exclusive Content!
  • Why Blizzard has done nothing good for the community.
  • What we’ve been playing: Salt, Shaman (er, druid), and Roleplaying Anime Fantasies.
  • Dolphins save the day!
  • Reminiscing the Good Ol’ Years
  • Evolution of Team Fortress 2

Duration: 28 minutes (WORTH EVERY SECOND)

01 – December 31st – The First Podcast

Michael Jackson

R.I.P. Leslie Neilsen

Jesus Christ

I am announcing a change in faith. I am dropping my Baptist beliefs and adapting Christianity. Jesus is a wonderful being.
We celebrate his birthday every year on a day called Christmas to commemorate his wonderful miracles that he has performed, so you probably have heard of him. Back in the first Christmas though, he was just a baby, not even a year old! So often people associate him to sheep and children to show innocence, but Jesus is not innocent. He died this one time (twice actually) so that way he could save everyone. You see, Christianity believes in this place called Heaven and Hell, and when you die, Jesus makes you go to heaven. People used to go to either place, but Jesus got punished for all the sins in the world that everyone committed and will commit, so you don’t have to burn for all of eternity in the pits of flames known as Hell. Since Jesus died this really long time ago, there must be a lot of people in heaven.

Some Christians believe that sometimes in heaven people will decide to go back to earth as people’s pets like a dog or a cat so they can watch over their loved ones [Family]. After hearing about this religion I decided to change mine and I hope each and every one of my readers falls in love with him like I did. That is why I am mentioning on my Blog about Team Fortress 2 about Jesus. Jesus Christ will save you and only after you accept him will you be redeemed.

Please don’t play TF2 if you aren’t following this belief, I don’t want your kind taking up player slots.

Have a great day!

In Jesus’ name only though.

Protected: I don’t even try anymore and things just happen anyways

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

What have I been hiding from you Mr. Threefourt?


Well readers, I haven’t been completely honest with you. My domain does not expire on August 30th. That was a lie. I just needed some money fast, so I did the wrong thing and tried to exploit my Blog for profit. I am sorry team, you’ve always been faithful to me, and I just wiped the floor with your hair, the entire time whispering in your ear, “Give it up, I need that nickle. You don’t need your soda. Come on, your children can learn to forgive you, but I can’t”. And for that, I am sorry. I did not have the right to treat you that way, and I ask for your forgiveness. I hope we can learn to come together again, even after those mean means of meaning to make a pretty penny.

Now, there has been something else you missed. I made another 3D model a while back. You would not have caught it unless you follow me on Facepunch Studios, reading each and every one of my posts. This is another hat, for the pyro.

Maybe some day we’ll see it in Team Fortress 2.