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Welcome to Threefourt Official Podcast! Every once in a while, a new episode will be posted, reviewing the latest blog news!

Podcast Personalities:


– A confused individual who found sanctuary in the threefourt Realm. A mandatory member of the Podcast Crew, this person brings wonderful commentary that is both creative, and original.


– This young fellow was introduced to Threefourt through a variety of complicated tasks. After dealing with issues involving puberty, cocaine, and Asperger’s. He brings insight into the underground world of gaming, so he is yet another vital member of the team.


– Yours Truly, the founder of the popular blog Threefourt, leads, manages, and controls the podcast and the blog. Without him, the podcast wouldn’t even be possible!



01 – December 31st – The First Podcast – [Download]

02 – January 19th – Children, Churches, and Video Games

03 – February 20th – They Steal the Games, But Not the Content


3 Responses

  1. While you’re waiting for ThreeFourt to come out with thie podcast you could always take a look at KritzKast, the longest running international PodKast for all things Team Fortress 2.

    Oh, and by way of retribution, send us an e-mail when you bring yours out and we’ll promote it on ours. All friends here.

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