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How-To: Blog Post to ThreeFourt

Welcome to the first installment of the new series, “How-To Blog Post:”! This is a crash course to introduce you to the life of a full-time blog-poster (blogger?), and walk you through some of the rigorous steps required to create a high-end post suitable for the judgmental eyes of the many.

Today will be the technical side of posting, where we assume we have all body and formatting complete and wish to deposit our enlightenment unto the blog-o-sphere. I know to you tech-savvy nerds out there, this may seem redundant or repetitive to the skillset you’ve acquired throughout your life, but not all of America is a large, round object sitting around a computer developing poor acne from the vast array of frequencies excreted from your tower of Mountain Dew cans, dusty electrical components, cat hair, and fingernail clippings (or perhaps you have individual stacks for each of these items; some basement dwellers are organized).


Before we can possibly begin, you absolutely need to navigate to the main page of the blog. Since our domain has expired, we are now located in a sad sub-domain, and instead of our full-fledged URL we have to settle with “” (Feel free to click the link, it’ll send you right over).


Now that you’ve navigated successfully to my website/webpage/webblog, you can begin to make an impact! Down on the bottom right of the right-hand collumn of the main page (where it says “home” at the top and underlined), just below the “Blog Stats” entry and even further below the “Login” text (the first one) and subsequent “Register” hyperlink, therein lies the gateway and door to the realm of quality blogging. I know this may sound confusing, but I’ve provided an image to show you what you are looking for when on my page/site/book. Just click the “Log In” link and you should be sent to step 3.


This is a verification step. After the hard troubles of the previous step, you will know if you were successful if your webpage has something that looks like the following image. If it does not, try going back to Step 2 (or Step 1 if you suspect a faulty webpage).


Oops I’m sorry, I forgot about the login screen. This screen should actually show (so disregard step 3, it’s only relevant after step 4). The login username is [Yourname] followed by [yourpassword]. Remove the brackets when you type it in! For example, my username is [zzzdude] and my password is [••••••••] without brackets.


Now follow step #3 and skip step #4 for step #5 and instead go to step #6 when you’re done. Should look like this:


We’re almost there! All we have left to do is follow strict methodologies to concoct a substantial composition of fundamental testaments which can be portrayed as a doctrine of principle for my acolytes.

(Easy part)

Once you have the “Title”, “Content”, and “Tags” fields filled out, you can go ahead and Save the Draft ( I won’t go into the details), or you can do as I do and immediately click the PUBLISH button as seen in the last image of this series.

And you are done. For ever.

You will rarely have to edit this post (I may go into this further at a later time), and you will have a large fanbase applauding in no time.
Until the next update,

this has been zzzdude

AKA threefourt

AKA Stephen G. Mangum

AKA BagOfDucks

AKA That Asshole Who Won’t Get Off the Public Computer So I Can Finish My Twelve Page Essay


How to Become a Contributor for ThreeFourt

This is a quick and easy guide on how YOU can help the ThreeFourt team expand!

Step 1. Donate some money

Donating money is always a great way on helping anyone out, because money can buy and fix nearly anything and everything. Whether it be website maintenance, a new game to review (They are becoming more costly, and the worse the game, the more expensive!), or even just a slice of pizza so zzzdude can continue living his life in contemporary comfort, it always helps!

Step 2. Creating content for ThreeFourt

If you like doodling, modeling, mapping, or any other sort of hippy outlook considered to be art, you can easily dedicate a piece of fanart to ThreeFourt, and we will most definitely showcase it in such a way that shows your true skill. Don’t ever feel like you are not worthy to draw for us though, we accept anything and everything.

Step 3. Writing

Considered to be another form of medium to some people in college cities, writing is a surefire way to get featured in ThreeFourt’s endless spew of words. You can write fanfic, strategies, tactics, ideas, rants, you name it, you have a chance to be published under ThreeFourt’s copywright agreements, although we do have a higher standard than our other “mediums”, so expect to be reviewed by some of our writers, or not be reviewed at all if it is super unoriginal and completely bad. You gatta know what you are talkin’ about, and you gatta know when to use proper grammer, when not to use proper spelling and when to use the proper conjugation of verbs.

Step 4. Publicising

Anything to help spread the wonderful word of ThreeFourt is more than acceptable, and can earn you a place in my book. The more traffic this site gets, the better for our website administrator!

Step 5. Tell Us!

Everyone at threefourt would want to know what you did to help out! See our contact page to find everyone’s email, and see some more specific detail on contributing. Thank you!

How to earn your hat, and eat it too.

Here’s the dealio. You want hats.
Here’s what I have to say. You need to play the game(don’t you dare idle, Valve knows your IP adress and MAC adress, therefore knowing where you live). You can trash all your secondary and melee weapons you get, they are useless STILL. Cept the soldiers secondary, keep those to increase your odds of getting the boots. If you get three soldier secondaries (or three normal ones and a soldier class token?), then you have a 33% chance to craft them. Otherwise, trash everything except primaries. After you have ~89 primary weapons, craft metals with them.
You then have the odds to get a hat.
Ever since I WAS RIGHT, I haven’t played much TF2. I got two hats that first week of the I WAS RIGHT update, and had deleted countless dupes. This crafting update had pulled a complete turnaround, giving us a reason to keep our items. Kind of burns me out about the whole deal. Valve should have restored items or somethin like that, but who cares about what’s fair. I just am not enthused about these things anymore.
Considering my only hats are for Spy and Sniper, I don’t often see them. I haven’t played either class much other than for getting the achievements since the I WAS RIGHT update. The old spy was so fun, but the new sniper is much better (still don’t play it much). Another big downer is that I now have a habit of deleting all my stats for TF2. I had deleted them initially after logging at least 1000 hours (evenly distributed between all the classes, save the heavy and sniper, which I had only logged about 20 hours or less each) right before the I WAS RIGHT update. I now delete my stats before playing a game of tf2, so I can see an instanced version of my stats for the game I was playing.
I was super-enthused when Steam started tracking TOTAL playtime instead of PAST TWO WEEKS playtime, back in november (around the l4d2 release). I have logged a total of nearly 600 hours of tf2 since then, but I am sure it started counting before then.
I am glad for this new feature, but I still wish there was an instanced version of tf2 stats, that show you per-game instead of total, so I don’t always end up deleting my progress. This way, I can reflect on my skills and improve at a better pace.
1600+ hours of tf2, and only two hats [dropped not earned]. HAHA!